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First of all, I wish to welcome you to ITdev.ro.

This web site is intended for general public education, on various IT (Information Technologie) subjects.
All the materials presented here are available to the large public for free, which gives you the right to use it in any way you like, but please do not abuse. If you fell the need to post the same material on you own website, as contribution from your part, I recommend you to remind your visitors where the material(s) is(are) coming from.

Your courtesy will be greatly appreciated :).

As this website is a free project, maintained by a single person, there is no guarantee or schedule on how the materials will be posted, so if you have a special request regarding a tutorial or question about a post, please use the “available means” to notify the site owner on the matter. The “available means” constitute of: leaving a comment on the post you are interested on or send an e-mail to admin@itdev.ro. 

The materials presented here are coming with no guarantee, so if you will want to use them, please use common sense and test them yourself before put them into production. Not everything presented here might work exactly as described due to different hardware  and/or software configuration.

So taking these thing out of the way, I hope you will have a great time visiting my website, and I hope you will learn a lot from the materials presented here.


King regards,

Dascal Tiberiu Claudiu





About Tiberiu Claudiu

Currently working as Technical Support Team Lead. Web development/programming tools and technologies enthusiast. Really passionate about computers as you can imagine. I like to practice some sports when I have the time, one sport that caught my interest is table tennis.

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