Installing Python on Arch Linux

Since Linux is the most used OS for development, I also have chosen Linux as my main OS (not just for development, but also for day to day use). So, naturally, all future posts here will with Linux in mind, if not specified otherwise. For my needs I chose a […]


Arch updates fail to install

I have recently discovered that whenever I try to run an update on my arch system, I would get the following error: This was happening quite a lot in the last couple of days, and it was getting annoying since after restarts, the same updates would appear. So I spent […]

Happy Holidays

Hi all,   It has been a long time since I have posted anything here, due to recent exciting stuff going in my life, one of them being the birth of my first child (about 6 months ago). But now that I am learning my way through the parenting business, which is […]

HOW TO: Install and configure SSH server

Installation How to search a package using apt-cache search and wildcards   If you do not know the name of the package you want to install there is a quick way to find out, using the apt-cache search <text_search> command. For example you could use apt-cache search ssh which will […]

HOW TO: Install Linux Debian – part 3

Like I promised you before, this part is intended to explain, in depth, how to manually create and set partitions during installation process. First thing to do is choose Partitioning method as Manual just like in the image below.   Next step is choosing the drive on which we will install […]

HOW TO: Install Linux Debian – part 2

After we created our password for root, we will continue with creating a different account, with less privileges then root, specific for non-administrative activities:   set the username:   set the password:   and confirm the password:     Next step in our setup is to format the disk and […]

HOW TO: Install Linux Debian – part 1

This is a tutorial on how to install Debian 6.0 from a minimal CD, procedure also known as Network install. First of all we will need the get the image form Debian’s website and burn it on a CD. The image has 135-175 MB, so if you do not want to waste […]


A word from the sponsor

Dear visitor,   First of all, I wish to welcome you to This web site is intended for general public education, on various IT (Information Technologie) subjects. All the materials presented here are available to the large public for free, which gives you the right to use it in any way you […]